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Rustic wood floating shelf with hidden compartment


Rustic wood floating shelf with hidden compartment/storage

Product Description

Need a place to hide your personal belongings while adding a rustic touch to your home? Look no further!

L: About 24 inches
W: 9 inches
H: 4 inches
Hidden compartment shelf:
L: 20 1/2 inches
W: 7 1/4 inches

This item was hand crafted using pine wood to create a sturdy and durable shelf that will last you for many years to come! Pine wood was hand cut, assembled, and stained using a beautiful dark walnut color to add character and depth to any wall. The shelf was also coated in polyurethane to add a smooth and long lasting finish.

This shelf is perfect for adding a rustic feel to any blank wall as well as organizing and displaying items in any room of your home such as the kitchen, living or family room, or your bedroom. The possibilities are endless!

This unique wood floating shelf is not only for displaying items on your wall, but it also has a hidden compartment to hide your treasured and important items!

A hidden wood shelf was added to the wall bracket of this item to allow you to conceal important items in your home in a place no one will think to look. Small items such as passports, money, keys, credit cards, handgun, etc. fit perfectly in the compartment.

This floating shelf is ready to hang. A wood bracket is included (as shown in above pictures) that you can drill into to the stud of your wall to ensure easy and sturdy installment of this shelf. The shelf then slides onto the wall bracket. Hardware and instructions included.

***Note- This item is what as known as a diversion safe. It hides your items out of sight, but there is no locking mechanism included on or with the shelf. This item does not replace a gun safe. Buyer accepts all responsibility when purchasing the shelf, and the buyer accepts all responsibility for what the buyer wishes to store in the shelf*****

Custom sizing and stain colors available by messaging shop owner.


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