Welcome to Pine + Main, a marketplace for local makers to sell their designer woodworking projects.

Pine + Main was created to bring together the designer woodworking community to create change in the way homes are furnished. We believe that there is a better way to furnish your home. When you choose to purchase your furniture from Pine + Main, you are choosing:

Communinity – Pine + Main encourages local makers paired with local buyers. This directly affects the local community, as supporting small local businesses keeps 4 times the money in the community as compared with a chain store. Since our makers are also encouraged to use local sources for their materials, your purchase makes an even bigger difference in your community.

Sustainability – Did you know the 15 largest freight ships cause more pollution than all the automobiles in the world? Why barge your furniture around the world when beautiful, affordable furniture is made local? We also encourage choosing locally grown, ethically harvested wood, further reducing shipping waste and pollution. Many of our maker’s choose rapidly renewing softwoods for furniture, as not only is this a fast renewing resource, but growning trees absorb pollution from the environment. Mature trees slow or halt this process, and rotting or burned forests reverse this process. By responsibly harvesting mature trees, new trees have opportunity to grow and continue to renew our air. Choose a local maker, and ask for locally grown wood of a rapidly renewing species.

Affordability – Not only does the environment win when freight costs and pollution are reduced. The savings from not having to ship furniture around the world is passed on to you, the customer, while still be able to pay the maker a good wage for their time, skill, tools, and workspace. This means beautiful, handcrafted wood furniture is affordable to most all.

People – We believe in people. We believe in supporting people who are passionate about what they do. We believe that makers should be paid a fair price for their skill, time, tools and workspace. Happy makers create better furniture.

Custom – Every family is different, and every home should be customized. But never before has custom furnishings been as accessible and affordable as it is today. Since most every project on Pine + Main is made to order, changing the size of a dining table, the type of finishi on a child’s bed, or the depth of a storage shelf is easy to do.

Durable and Biodegradable – Our maker’s are encouraged to build quality pieces that will last. But as trends and generations change, the useability of a piece may change. Our furniture can be easily remade into different uses, and at the end of it’s life, will return back to nature.