Pallet wall shelf


Four shelf wall unit built using repurposed pallet wood.

Product Description

A four shelf wall unit built using repurposed pallet wood. The wood will come from various pallets and consist of multiple species of wood. Each piece is hand selected based on the location in the piece. The wood will be sanded so that it is relatively smooth to the touch, but will still retain the character of the rough cut pallet lumber from which it came. Since pallet lumber is rough cut and not perfect, the finished product may vary slightly from listed dimensions, and not all surfaces will be plum, level, and square. The pallet shelf will be full of the original imperfections and characteristics of the pallets they came from. Nail holes, gouges, dents, minor cracks, slight warping and bowing may all be present in the finished piece.

Dimensions as shown: 34x26x8.5
Finish as shown: Onyx stain with satin Polycrilic

Each piece will be custom made for your order. Expect a 4-6 week on average build time for your order. Pricing is based on listed size and finish. Customizations may require an adjustment. Please contact me with any questions or to customize an order before purchasing.

Additional Information


34″ x 26″ x 8.5″


Includes water based stain and poly.


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