Vendor FAQ and Help

How do I become a vendor?

There are two types of accounts on Pine + Main. The first type is a customer account, where you can track favorite shops, products and view your orders. The second type of account adds vendor privileges to a customer account. When you sign up for an account on Pine + Main, you just select the check box “Apply to become a vendor” to automatically apply for a vendor account. If you already have a customer account, you can apply for vendor priveledges here.


I signed up for an account, but never got an email.

We apologize for any technical trouble. Please check your spam folder for registration emails. If still no luck, please email and we will help you with your account.


Okay, I’m a Vendor! Now what?
Once you are logged in as a vendor, a link will appear at the top of the page “Seller Dashboard”. This is your portal to all vendor priveledges – here you will be able to brand your store, add social media and website links, and add products and view orders and more.


I’m a Vendor, but my store doesn’t show up on the Store Locator Map.
Make sure your address is fully completed, including the city, state or providence, and country in your vendor profile.


What is the commission rate?
Using Pine+Main is completely free.


What are the payment options?

There are two payment methods that customers have access to on checkout – Cash on Delivery or Check by Mail.  Both of these payment methods are direct between the buyer and seller.  We will be adding credit card functionality in the near future.  You can state in your product descriptions or seller policy any requirements for a deposit.  We are working on a deposit system to allow partial payments at the time of order.


How does shipping work?

The shipping system is currently set up with three options for the customer on checkout:

  • Free Pick-Up (the customer picks up the order)
  • $30 Local Delivery within 1/2 Hour (the seller delivers the order)
  • $50 Local Delivery with 1 Hour (the seller delivers the order)

If you cannot deliver or need to adjust the rates, you can specify in the product descriptions your shop’s shipping policies or exceptions, or add a delivery surcharge to your products (for example and especially large order with setup).


How do I get rid of the “Out of Stock” box on my products?

Edit your products, under inventory > manage stock make sure the “Out of Stock” option is not selected.


I’d like to offer custom products.  How can I do this?

We are working on functionality to allow buyers to contact you directly with a custom project idea.  At this time, we recommend adding to your about section, seller policy, and product descriptions directions to contact you for custom orders.  For example “Everything we do is made to order, so why not have yours custom made?  Contact us by clicking “ask a question” or email me at to get started on a custom order.”